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Video:Alone, Forever?

Ode to Melancholy

Seems a fitting poem for Boxing Day as the day after Christmas Day. Now that the orgiastic feast of food, gifting and family is done, it’s time to feel a little let down. In this poem, Keats celebrates melancholy and the periods when you energy flags, your soul rests and your mind is looking for […]

The CEO is only temporary

The CEO is only temporary. Your wife and family will still be there when you change jobs. And, likely, the boss will leave/move before you can accrue brownie points. Remember that when working late and add that to the balance decision you make. Your career is a marathon, a constant pace is better than a […]

10 Myths About Introverts –

Loved this article about Introverts. I like the idea that Introverts are fully empowered to make different choices from extroverts. But I’m also wondering how much nerd culture is influenced by a dominance on introspectives, whereas less interesting life choices such as sales or management might be influenced by extroversion. 10 Myths About Introverts || […]

Like a Rock

Sitting at my desk with tears welling up in my eyes. A very old song echoing down the hallways of memory from my youth has just hit the iTunes DJ. Ahhhh, sadness, whimsy and golden-hued reminiscence. I can clearly remember howling this at full voice as I drove down the highway and swore out loud […]

Old Friend writes me…..

Got an email from an old friend today: I decided to tone it down and have moved to the country.. not quite semi rural style… 40 acres about 200 kilometres from town.. and growing own veggies etc.. After staring at screens for 30 years, thought it was time for a break.. Yeah, I’m jealous. Bastard. […]