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Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

Facebook needs a grownup to be in charge

What is a hero ?

“Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed. ”

the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit – Freddie deBoer – Medium

Pointless Silicon Valley investing and late Capitilism. Oooh, yah,

My Thoughts on iPhone 7 2016

  Background: Our household buys one new iPhone a year and then passes them around. This year I get the iPhone and I not really happy. The total cost is much higher than previous years and the headphone arrangements is really poor. No wireless charging Why not ? No, really, why the HECK not ? […]

Don’t Do Crowdchat

I’m often invited to participate in Crowdchat sessions on twitter. The answer is always no. Here’s why: I have found my followers complain about the pointless chatter that Crowdchat creates. 140 characters limitation makes Twitter a frustrating discussion platform. High levels of unfollowing when I do CrowdChat™ sessions I will unfollow people using Crowdchat because […]

Warren Ellis on Proof Reading in MS Word

I hate Microsoft Word. I loathe it with an special passion I have for things that never work, bugs in commercial software, and the fact that I have to use the worst software because “lowest common denominator” always wins. Dammit mathematics how come you rule everything in my life. Proofing NORMAL, the novella.  Proofing, these […]

10 Types of Networking Sh*t

The Ten Types of Networking Shit: Spanning Tree Cabling Getting paid jack Security ITIL Routing Vendor Change Knee deep in

Set the Bar Low, Be A Winner

A motivational poster to cope with technology vendors.

Technology Evangelist

Saw this, instantly thought of people who call themselves “technology evangelists”

CIO Cancels The Project

The engineer is getting on with the project and the CIO cancels the deal. Source: