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OS X: Full URL in Safari Browser on Mac OS X Sierra

Quick tip on showing full URL in OS X Sierra

MacOS: Getting 200MB disk emoticon bloat from Skype

I was doing a search in Houdah Spot when I realised that there are hundreds of megabytes of video files in Skype  Application support directory. On checking thes evideo files, they are MP4-encoded memes. What that actual bloody hell is that for ? So I deleted both the media-cache_v3 and media_cache_v3 directories (I need that […]

No More Google Chrome Browser

I’m done with Google Chrome for the foreseeable future.

OS X: Replace Audio Alerts With Screen Flash

Some tips about how I use OS X

Mac OS X: Boom2 is worth the money

I recommend you buy Boom2 to improve the audio quality – especially Youtube. Works better than expensive headsets.

Mac OS X: DirectLinks – Canisbos

Apple Safari extension circumvents certain techniques used by Google and Facebook to track link clicks.

Mac OS X: LaunchBar Convert Case

Using Launchbar for different text case conversions

Musing on Apple “Spring Forward” MacBook and Watch announcements

Mulling over the Apple shindig yesterday followed by a quick read of my RSS feed this morning. Some bullet points. Apple MacBook looks good for people who need more than a MacBook Air and less than a MacBook Pro. Leap forward to remove fans completely. Major technology advances in screen, battery and case. Dual stream […]

How much will an Apple Watch cost ?

a lot. Way more than you think. Watches sell for much more than $10000 every day. Like these.  

OS X:Minimal Status Bar for Safari by visnup

Brilliant. This is an extension to provide a minimal (Google Chrome-like) status bar for Safari. It also has built-in longurl support to convert those pesky and opaque short urls to long ones again.   via Minimal Status Bar for Safari by visnup.