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Quitting OmniFocus for Pen Paper

I deleted OmniGroup’s OmniFocus product from my all of my devices today. After three years of attempting to use it I’ve finally admitted to myself that it simply isn’t the right tool. I’ve read books, followed blogs and tried repeatedly to make it work. It doesn’t. I’ve declared bankruptcy at least four times (and maybe […]

Why I use an Apple Keyboard At My Desk

When I am working at my home office I connect my MacBook to external monitors and an external keyboard is neede to sit properly at the desk. I once used a IBM Type 1 keyboard as my preferred keyboard but, sadly, threw them away when I left migrated from Australia to England. I considered acquiring […]

Adode Audition vs Logic Pro X – price wins

On the podcast, Ethan uses Adobe Audition for editing and I’ve been using Apple Logic Pro 9. With the new release of Logic Pro X, I considered switching to Audition so we were compatible. I’m not a fan of Adobe as a company who have a history of doing what’s best for Adobe and not […]

Mac OS X: Eject to Flash

One of my favourite apps to avoid using is Adobe Flash. There are large security, performance and battery life benefits. I do not have flash installed on my OS X and used When I must have Flash, I use Google Chrome because a Flash Player is built into it. But switching to Chrome can be made […]

Mac OS X: SwitchResX – Todays Favourite Feature

I have two monitors on a MacBook. I mostly run with the lid closed and OS X doesn’t always use the correct monitor as my main display. In the past I had to disconnect the external monitors and reboot, then connect the monitors in the correct order. Painful. Recently, I discovered that the utility SwitchResX […]

Support AdBlock!

Encourage you to donate to tools like this if you can afford it: Support AdBlock!.

Mac OS X Glui

Screen Capture Applicaton for the Mac that replaces Skitch since Evernote trashed it. Highly recommended. Best Features: Snaps an image with minimum of fuss Fast upload to Dropbox (Skitch no longer able to upload anywhere useful). Annotations of images are quick & simple Glui

Safari and Fonts Not Easy to Read

Big fonts are important as my eyes fade away with age. And screens are big enough to let me do this. Discovered this when I went looking for a way to solve certain web sites that have very small fonts.

Tweetbot has a multi-column mode

I feel stupid. Just realised that Tweetbot for Mac OS X has a mulitcolumn mode.

Note To Self: Command Click

Press ⌘ when Clicking a link to open in a new window.