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The Effort Required To Refute Vendor Marketing

The amount of energy and effort required to refute vendor marketing content is at least three times what it took to create it.   Because people often believe that vendor marketing is true, accurate and honest even when provably one sided, biased and mostly incorrect.

Spontaneous Beer

Having teenaged children means freedom for parents. At least for a few hours so when my wife asked me to go for a walk and then headed directly to the hotel nearby for a beer …. well, Yes. This hotel is really not anywhere or anything. It’s an eighteenth century mansion house that once was […]

Engineers and Managers

There is always a system. Engineers make the system. Management works the system. Which one of these is harder ? Which one of these is more valuable ?

Coffins, Calendars and Tastefully Naked Women

I have no idea why a calendar of semi-naked women and coffins even exists but it sounds like a marketing stunt that EMC would pull.

◎ Comments on My Blogs

Comments on blogs are something of a problem. It seems to boil down to two primary issues: spam and zealots. Ditching Disqus Couple of years back I implemented Disqus as a free comments system to handle the spam. Disqus replaces the comments on Worpdress, requires logins, has a central history of all commenters. The history […]

Duck Duck Go show impact of “Google Search Bubble”

There are no “regular results” on Google anymore. from DuckDuckGo on Vimeo.

Disable Ad Tracking in iOS 6 (Do Not Track)

How to set Do Not Track on your iPhone: Settings > General > About > Advertising: you can limit ad tracking by toggling the off/on button. Uses the new Do Not Track web standard to prevent your privacy being breach.

LinkedIn Spam Reduction, Group Flooding

I’ve been getting an extraordinary amount of spam from LinkedIn in the last month (started almost immediately after Twitter cut them off, coincidence ? I think not). I took a few minutes to think about what LinkedIn provides me as a service: place for recruiters to find me. place for casual work acquaintances to follow […]

Response: Social Networks can be Tipped by as Little as 0.8% of their Population | The Central Node

You’ve heard me raving about the risk of social networks. Here is some of the evidence.

Problems with Squarespace and WordPress migration.

Recently tried to migrate my blogs from WordPress (Self Hosted) to Squarespace and failed to make it work out for me. The EtherealMind and Packet Pushers websites are burning a LOT of CPU cycles due to HTTP requests and our hosting provider requires even more money to handle the load. (Bandwidth is cheap, but CPU/Memory […]