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  • The Effort Required To Refute Vendor Marketing

    The amount of energy and effort required to refute vendor marketing content is at least three times what it took to create it.   Because people often believe that vendor marketing is true, accurate and honest even when provably one sided, biased and mostly incorrect.

  • Spontaneous Beer

    Spontaneous Beer

    Having teenaged children means freedom for parents. At least for a few hours so when my wife asked me to go for a walk and then headed directly to the hotel nearby for a beer …. well, Yes. This hotel is really not anywhere or anything. It’s an eighteenth century mansion house that once was […]

  • Engineers and Managers

    There is always a system. Engineers make the system. Management works the system. Which one of these is harder ? Which one of these is more valuable ?

  • Coffins, Calendars and Tastefully Naked Women

    Coffins, Calendars and Tastefully Naked Women

    I have no idea why a calendar of semi-naked women and coffins even exists but it sounds like a marketing stunt that EMC would pull.