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  • Review Avengers Endgame

    TL:DR – I found it uninspired and predictable. In places the actors seemed bored, the fight scenes overlong and reptitive and I couldn’t engage with the move. Visually, it was great with many excellent CGI scenes but, the storyline just felt tired instead of climactic. 3/10 I’m tired weary of superhero movies. I’m not sure […]

  • Sony WFX1000 Earphones Review – Not Good Enough

    Summary: I bought a pair of Sony WFX 1000 Earphones after 2 weeks of use there are just too many problems for me to keep them. At the £200 pound purchase price, they need to actually work reliably, and predictably. They do not work properly on my MacBook or iMac and regularly dropout when using […]

  • Review:RHA Earphones and Comply Isolation Earphone Tips

    Recently I found that my much-loved earphones ( Sony MDR-EX90LP ) had an unplanned overnight soaking in cup of coffee (the details still bring tears to my eyes) and I’ve been looking for replacement. As I said on Twitter I looked the receipts and was much surprised to find that I purchased them in January […]

  • Mike Monteiro – F*ck You. Pay Me.

    As a freelance network engineer, I’m confront the issue of setting prices and setting payment goals. I got a lot of confidence from this talk and some of the pitfalls of a creative designer, who has the same problems that I have. Who knew. Warning: foul language that has purpose and meaning i.e. it’s not […]