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Review Avengers Endgame

TL:DR – I found it uninspired and predictable. In places the actors seemed bored, the fight scenes overlong and reptitive and I couldn’t engage with the move. Visually, it was great with many excellent CGI scenes but, the storyline just felt tired instead of climactic. 3/10 I’m tired weary of superhero movies. I’m not sure […]

Sony WFX1000 Earphones Review – Not Good Enough

Summary: I bought a pair of Sony WFX 1000 Earphones after 2 weeks of use there are just too many problems for me to keep them. At the £200 pound purchase price, they need to actually work reliably, and predictably. They do not work properly on my MacBook or iMac and regularly dropout when using […]

Review:RHA Earphones and Comply Isolation Earphone Tips

Recently I found that my much-loved earphones ( Sony MDR-EX90LP ) had an unplanned overnight soaking in cup of coffee (the details still bring tears to my eyes) and I’ve been looking for replacement. As I said on Twitter I looked the receipts and was much surprised to find that I purchased them in January […]

Mike Monteiro – F*ck You. Pay Me.

As a freelance network engineer, I’m confront the issue of setting prices and setting payment goals. I got a lot of confidence from this talk and some of the pitfalls of a creative designer, who has the same problems that I have. Who knew. Warning: foul language that has purpose and meaning i.e. it’s not […]

Move Trailer – Tai Chi Zero

Starts off boring then gets weird, then get funny and finally full of plain awesome. I’ll find a way to watch this movie.

Ergotron MX Monitor Arm Review

As part of working more hours at my desk in my home office, I’ve been considering ways to improve my productivity and comfort. To this end I now have a 27″ and 24″ Apple displays since some studies suggest that additional screen space allows for the more productivity. Disregarding the opportunities for distraction I’ve found two […]