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  • Pantagruelism


    Pantagruelism, n. [‘The philosophy and practice ascribed to Pantagruel; extravagant and coarse humour with a satirical purpose. Also, more generally: coarseness, vulgarity.’] There are some truly great words in the English language. Via Oxford Dictionary.

  • A Content Strategy For Biggest Audience or the Best Audience

    A Content Strategy For Biggest Audience or the Best Audience

    Blogging for a big audience means dumb content that no one remembers. Blogging for a good audience means influencing people who can change things. My thoughts on why ?

  • mediatization


    This word and meaning took my fancy. mediatization, n. [‘ In Germany under the Holy Roman Empire: the action of reducing a prince or state in position or power (see mediatize v. 1a); the condition of being mediatized. Now hist.’] Oxford English Dictionary Does this mean that “media” is a balancing of power to the people. I should look up the […]

  • Endurance


    Endurance. Sustained effort no matter what happens..  Patience, persistence, failure, success – no matter what happens you just keep going. Aspects of enduring effort. Motivation, winning & success are transient ephemeral moments of commitment. Endurance is timeless success. It is everyday execution & just simply showing up to win.