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  • Mac OS X: Eject to Flash

    One of my favourite apps to avoid using is Adobe Flash. There are large security, performance and battery life benefits. I do not have flash installed on my OS X and used When I must have Flash, I use Google Chrome because a Flash Player is built into it. But switching to Chrome can be made […]

  • Listening to Your own Podcasts

    Listening to Your own Podcasts

    I record podcasts regularly – typically once a week at the Packet Pushers Podcast. One of the less obvious problems of podcasting is that I have to listen to my own voice during the edit process (which Ethan & I do ourselves). Even after 170 shows published to date, I still cringe when listening to […]

  • Mac OS X: SwitchResX – Todays Favourite Feature

    I have two monitors on a MacBook. I mostly run with the lid closed and OS X doesn’t always use the correct monitor as my main display. In the past I had to disconnect the external monitors and reboot, then connect the monitors in the correct order. Painful. Recently, I discovered that the utility SwitchResX […]

  • Photos from Cisco Live 2013 – #CLUS