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Advice To Tech Field Day Sponsors

Companies have often asked me for advice when presenting a Field Day. This is a collection of advice, feedback and suggestions that I would offer should you have asked.  Please note that this is a collection of bullet points and ideas. Its not an essay or a comprehensive overview, just opinions collected over a privileged […]

I probably unfollowed you on social media today

Time to timeout

Things Are Making Me Stupid

Everywhere I turn the INTERNET OF THINGS is headline news. Lightbulbs, activity monitoring, hours sleep, hours awake and hours spent “in the zone”. The first tier is quasi-rabid neo-capitalists of silicon valley who are working on guaranteeing their privilege by controlling the message of the techno-utopians in silicon valley. The second tier is middle class […]

Blogging Success Is Simply About Doing

You can be guaranteed that nothing will happen if you publish nothing. I can guarantee that something will happen if you publish something. After you are publishing something, people can find you. And you can improve. And you can work out what can be done better. And then iterate. Nothing beats that feeling of people […]

SD-WAN Night of Nerdery Nov 2015 with Viptela

Quick post to publish some photos from the Viptela Night of Nerdery event on SD-WAN held at the Flatiron Bar in New York last night that I have collected from social media. (I hope people don’t mind, I wasnt able to track where I got them from) If anyone else has some photos I would […]

Social Media Hurts Like a Teenaged Love Song. Give Without Taking.

The most successful social media programs are those that give before they take. And you should plan to give in social media until it hurts like a teenaged pop song.

Marketers Against Waste

A campaign about marketing that I can get behind – stop the waste the world’s resources with pointless junk. As Marketers, we are sometimes under a strange social pressure to create a lot of "stuff" — t-shirts, pens, hats, bags, stress balls, and countless other tchotchkes with our logos on them aka, promotional products, or […]

Podcasts are back — and making money – The Washington Post

I’m biased by involvement with (Packet Pushers but I can confirm this article is correct from my side. Podcasts are popular and well supported. Maybe it’s the intimacy of hearing soothing voices piped into your ears through a pair of headphones — or maybe it’s just how much time people need to kill listening to […] | Short-form blogging

Gina Trapani has a some suggestions on Short Form Blogging that I like very much. Not every blog post needs to be a world changing epic with thousands of words: Summary: If it’s a paragraph, it’s a post. Negotiate a comfort zone on two axes: personal and public, tech and everything else Traffic is irrelevant. […]

Data Proves Twitter Less Relevant For My Blog

A while back I posted that I am scaling back my twitter engagement because I felt it was becoming less useful and less valuable. I had some time this evening to verify the perception with hard data that Twitter is no longer the valuable source of inbound traffic to my EtherealMind blog. This graph shows the […]