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Microsoft Still Hates Its Customers

I hate Microsoft Office. To further insult me Microsoft has a proprietary installer that is incapable of partial updates. How the heck does a 2.5 Gigabyte download make your customers happy ? Stuff you Microsoft Office. Go home. You’re Drunk.

Podcasts I Would Recommend To You – 2016

One the reasons I co-founded Packet Pushers Podcast is that I love listening to podcasts. Around 2008/9, I was commuting by car for roughly three hours a day, a nightmarish amount of unproductive and wasted time and it was podcasts kept me sane. After time I found, arguably, that they made me smarter by having a […]

Video: Uncanny valley

Brilliant. SciFi short on virtual reality. Totally got me into the story in less than 10 minutes.

WordPress Desktop for Mac

I’ve been using the WordPress Desktop for two days and its seriously good. I have several different way to write blog posts and publish them – Mars Edit, Byword, DeskPM, Pixel Pumper … I’ve tried so many of them. But most often write in plain text in markdown format and then use Marked to convert to […]

Grumpy Clown on A Rollercoaster

This picture resonates deeply. Source unknown.

Which light takes you home 

the three lights Tell me a different way home  Hearth, street and country  And I cannot decide which way to go   

Happiness That You Don’t Notice

What you really want is the happiness that you don’t notice because its always around you.

Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station”

Many people look at the Apple USB-C port on the MacBook and howl for what is missing. I see the docking station accessory I have always wanted.

Never Too Late

I read this quote in a book: “It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot” What came directly to my mind is “I’m not too older to keep trying to be what I might be”.

Video: PLUG – SciFi Short Film

15 minute Sci-Fi short film. I was totally into it before the time ran out. Want more.