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Ergotron MX Monitor Arm Review

As part of working more hours at my desk in my home office, I’ve been considering ways to improve my productivity and comfort. To this end I now have a 27″ and 24″ Apple displays since some studies suggest that additional screen space allows for the more productivity. Disregarding the opportunities for distraction I’ve found two […]

Shit Girls Say – Episode 4

I have daughters.

My Safari Extensions 20120727

Received an email from reader asking me what Extensions I run in Safari browser on MAC OSX. Here are some comments on the most important or less obvious plugins: Sessions – I have between 5 – 25 tabs open at any time. Although Apple Safari can reopen these tabs, sometimes it loses the current tabs. […]

Looks nice. Bet they don’t get Internet…..

Saw this picture on a website dedicated to desktop wallpapers. First thought ? beautiful. Second thought ? Getting the landline there for an Internet connection would be pretty hard…..   Or is that just the Engineer me ? InterfaceLIFT Wallpaper: Valley House.

Musing: The Difference between Journalism and Blogging

For various reasons I have been mulling over the difference between Journalism & Blogging as I consider myself as doing both as different times. [1] Some people might know that I write at and ocassionally for other mainstream publications. In this guide, my writing tends to approximate journalism because I’m writing for a site […]

Wonderful Photography on Instagram

My wife has been making some amazing photos on Instagram – I’m seriously impressed with some of her latest work. Check this out     You can follow her on Instagram as @soozuk – I recommend that you do. No, I don’t have an Instagram account myself. I’m not that creative :)

Video: Dr. Reggie Watts on innovation and out of the box thinking

Yeah, I AM tired to point of aggression of some hyped up idiot talking about “innovation” and “new thinking” and this talk from Dr Reggie Watts get to the heart of the problem and outlines a new paradigm for execution of the great dream of planning forward while considering the inherent opportunity presented by innovation. […]

An English Drawing Room

The drawing room at my hotel. I love this style

Spring song for meditation

We wait for the life rising in Spring and the leaves and flowers to arrive. Birds and traffic noise speak of both nature and life.

Fireplace Gun

Not a great photo but many pubs and hotels in the UK have old historic weapons like this as decoration. This is a field rifle from the 18th century if I remember right, the front would have been supported by a stand, and would require two men to fire it. Useful against armoured knights to […]