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Video: The Petard Pinch

The Petard Pinch exhibition at Bletchley Park tells the incredible story of the capture of crucial Enigma codebook

A Tribute to Blade Runner 2049

I find myself rewatching Blade Runner 2049 and I keep finding new layers in the story. This tribute was touching and fitting.

Video: Sundays

From the same production company that did Lost Boy as concept work heading towards a feature film. 12 minutes of intense storytelling.

Video: US vs UK Healthcare. Boris, Trump vs Truth, with Stephen Fry

There is great personal freedom from having universal healthcare. You can’t plan time to have medical problems and access to at least a basic health service as a national good has given me enormous personal and career freedoms. Whats not so obvious is that community insurance delivers better results overall. This video digs into the […]

Video: Last Day of The War

Video: ChongQing as Bladerunner City

This video shows ChongQing, China as a Cyberpunk city in the style of the latest Bladerunnner movie. Its kinda eerie to see the similarities.

Video: Rapunzel

Wicked twisted on the Rapunzel story.

how pouring a beer the wrong way can give you a stomach ache

Video: Gargoyles – YouTube

Nice watch

Video: Stop complaining about Back to School Shopping

laughed a bit too much