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  • Juniper RSS Feeds take User Tracking to an Extreme Level – Updated

    When you subscribe to a “custom” Juniper RSS feed they actually tracking you on a personal basis. Here is the sign up page: And this gives you a “personalised” RSS feed. in fact, it’s a Facebook-privacy-invading move that tracks your every move. Everytime you hit this URL they can gather information about you. When your […]

  • Very creepy – Click Tracking includes userid and much more

    See this link that was embedded in a tweet stream. Its been expanded to show the actual URL by my twitter client → → In particular, note the USERID field in the URL. “Meltwater News monitors and analyzes online news in more than 110 countries, delivering business intelligence and insight to corporations and […]

  • MS Word Annoyance 2045

    Microsoft Word crashes often with this error message which cannot be clicked away. Force quit of the application leads to system instability. Restart required, do not wait. Crap.

  • Microsoft Word for Mac Annoyance # 2044

    Enabling Autosave for Microsoft Word 2011 causes the error message “The disk is full trying to write to xxxx, Free some space…..”. Some weeks I don’t get it, and other weeks, it happens all the time. But it’s very annoying. Happened on Snow Leopard before I upgraded to Lion. Running the latest patches. And the […]