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Pangrams and Glyphs

sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow – a more fun pangram

SYMFONISK: Stereo Furniture by Sonos and IKEA | Sonos

A Sonos Speaker in an Ikea light fitting. I am in for this.

Life Lessons Learned from My Cat

I’ve been observing my cat for life lessions

Pop Culture Typography – YouTube

I love fonts so this tickled my whimsical font nerve. Pop Culture Typography – YouTube

Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017

Rapid uptake is still slow overall

Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years

Its like science fiction ?

Average Days Left To Live

At time of writing I can averagely expect to live for 10306 more days. This website: Life Expectancy Tables – Actuarial Life Tables | Life Expectancy Calculator As a 50 year old male, I need to plan to live to 79. Sobering. As a 40 year old, plan to live to 77.8. I’m guessing the difference is […]

Interesting PR Spam/Malware

I received this innocous looking “infographic spam” email (I get a LOT of these, we never publish them). It demonstrates why I use plain text when sending email to prevent spam, malware etc. I was going to send a polite reply when I noticed this text in the response. I see this because I always […]

Listening to Chillstep

I often like to listen to Chillstep, (a cross between Chillout and Dubstep) when working and Youtube a is great source for it. Here is a selection of what I have been listening to recently.

Whimsy: Treasure on the Garden throw

“Look to the Rose that blows about us—”Lo, Laughing,” she says, “into the World I blow: At once the silken Tassel of my Purse Tear, and its Treasure on the Garden throw.” Excerpt From: Omar Khayyám. “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.” A reminder to spend your money on beautiful things. More simply, take time to […]