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Comic: Chair Cable Monster

This is a perfect description of my chair at home (which is next to to my home lab of VMware vCloud servers). Source: Lolnein

Product Review – Oversharing

I think this product review might fit into the category of over sharing / too  much information. But it would seem to be a great result for their marriage. No ?   Source: Amazon

Door is Alarmed

    source: reddit

Video: Prancercise

Prancercise. 5 minute demonstration. Don’t laugh, don’t be a hater. “We are really going to cut the noose and let it loose with the Prancercise Gallop” This could be the exercise program for Network Engineers everywhere – Unicorn Prancing! Original – Prancercise: A Fitness Workout – YouTube. Update – Unicorn Prancercising Spoke to soon – […]

Image: IBM – Communist or Capitalist

Check out this songbook from IBM in 1937 that reads like a communist manifesto for the workers to celebrate their collective efforts to: “Our Leaders we revere” “For the EVER ONWARD I.B.M.” Oh my. That’s some weird arse crud right there. Source: Retronaut 1937 : The IBM Songbook

Image: Computer Programs for the Kitchen

Sigh for a lost era. I mean, check out the clothes that guy is wearing, who does that any more ?

Video: Dancers on Fire

We shot dancers at 1000fps then, in post, overlaid lots of CG fire onto them so it looked like they had been set alight,” explains Grape. “It took just over a year to complete with about 6 months of that being me sat in my room creating and rendering the fire in Maya!

Video: Legacy

Fantastic twist at the end. Great video, SciFi. Dark humour. Legacy

Video: Exoids

Video: People Hit by a Bus – Supercut

Laughed so hard, wiped tears from my eyes. I feel guilty. Not.