Data Proves Twitter Less Relevant For My Blog

A while back I posted that I am scaling back my twitter engagement because I felt it was becoming less useful and less valuable. I had some time this evening to verify the perception with hard data that Twitter is no longer the valuable source of inbound traffic to my EtherealMind blog.

This graph shows the dramatic reduction in inbound traffic from the Twitter in the middle of the year while G+/LinkedIn remain inconsequential.


Twitter Inbound traffic to Etherealmind blog.



LinkedIn Inbound traffic to Etherealmind blog.



Google Plus Inbound traffic to Etherealmind blog.


Important to note that during this time, the total page views has remained more or less constant. This leads me to conclude that the reduction from twitter is simply because Twitter is becoming less relevant to network engineers as an information source.



3 responses to “Data Proves Twitter Less Relevant For My Blog”

  1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did your disengagement cause the decline, or would it have happened anyway?

    • My view is that twitter is less useful overall and I have realised this instinctively for several months. Page views, time on site, bounce rates etc on my blog have all remained constant, as has referrals from G+, LI, FB etc.

      Looking at sentiment analysis of my twitter stream / followers, there is no change in my patterns there either. So content of tweets is unlikely to be the source.

      In short, cannot find anything that points to my actions being the cause.