Is Technology and IT a Cult ?

Imagine that tomorrow you walked away from IT. Let’s say you quit you current job, ditched all your technology to become a water skiing instructor on a remote Caribbean island with no electricity and no phones.

Would that be the same feeling as leaving a Cult ? They say that cult members have been “brainwashed” into a view, a group view, a consensus that everyone believes the same thing. And that once that support of the group has been taken away, they feel adrift and unattached to the world around them.

If you quit IT, and had no computers around you – anywhere – would you be attached to world around you ?

I wouldn’t. How would I fill in the hours ? What would I read ? What would I talk about ? Could I sit around doing not much ?

It would be like leaving a cult.


3 responses to “Is Technology and IT a Cult ?”

  1. If IT is a cult, networking would be the dark, secretive order of monks the other cult members dare not speak the name of because of the nervous uneasiness that results.

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…

  2. Ok, say it’s a cult. Who’s our leader? Steve Jobs? John Chambers? Bill Gates? I know!!! Mark Zuckerburg!

  3. It’s not so much a cult… It’s just seductive. It creates an addictive behaviour pattern particularly if you work with it. It sometimes gives you the misguided view that it will solve most of the world’s problems. hmmm.. now that’s starting to sound more like a seductive cult… It is a path that continues to expand and will entice and seduce. However there is more than one timeline that one can choose to align with. And the organic timeline that does not identify with the silicon solution, rather a more wholistic and natural way to think and live is particularly difficult to see or hear when your being, in particular the mind is distracted and enticed by IT. You say what would you do on this timeline… Maybe you would be seduced to stare at the stars…… and maybe even, ponder the universe…