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London November 2018

3 days in London. A photo journal

Lets start with cronut, you know those fancy food things that you have to book.

Staying in Camden Town

And the tube station is rather pretty because its tiled. Most tube stations are dreary

And here I am learning to ‘instagram’ and failing to move the words off the image.

Photos of Trafalgar Square that really didn’t turn out. Again, learning to take pictures and finding out that it is quite difficult.

Getting better:

and time for a pint.

And a quick snack

We were saying how glorious the weather was …..

No, more than that

I’m not exactly sure, but I think this is the local chapters of Returned Servicemen. Its really raining and very cold but people were still marching. I stopped to applaud and cheer them on.

The weather defeated by photography for the rest of the day. We had dinner at Masala Zone in Camden Town.

Gratuitous Tube Station Photo. Because.