Mac OS X: Eject to Flash

One of my favourite apps to avoid using is Adobe Flash. There are large security, performance and battery life benefits. I do not have flash installed on my OS X and used

When I must have Flash, I use Google Chrome because a Flash Player is built into it. But switching to Chrome can be made very simple with this app.

I am quite enamoured with this method of being mostly Flash free on OS X. So, I created Eject to Flash. Installing it will allow you to open the page you are viewing in Chrome with one click or keyboard shortcut (Command + E). Since Chrome comes with its own Flash plugin, you can remove the system wide plugin and run Safari without Flash. Enjoy.

Eject to Flash – A Safari extension that will open your current page in Chrome.eject-to-flash-2


One response to “Mac OS X: Eject to Flash”

  1. This is a very good idea. The good thing about both Chrome and the internal Pepperflash is that they are sandboxed. For added security, and convenience, I also use Chrome’s “click to play” feature so these plugins don’t run by default. It’s amazing how much flash content is loaded in some sites and how much resources they eat. Especially annoying when they are running in an unused tab. The feature can be enabled by chrome://settings/content -> plug-ins -> click to play.