Mac OSX Lion – Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse – or both

Since installing OS X Lion I’ve found the Mission Control Feature to be very useful. Although you can use two finger swipe on the Magic Mouse, I’ve found the four finger down swipe on the Trackpad to be more intuitive.

Although I’m right-handed, I taught myself to use a mouse left-handed many years ago because then I could use the mouse left-handed, and write with a pen and paper with my right hand thus requiring less hand movements. It doesn’t take long to overcome the muscle memory and I;d like to think that it helps stimulating the left/right brain thing.

I use both – Click for a larger image

I also SizeUp to provide keyboard control of my screens – best ten bucks I ever spent.

I’ve had SizeUp for a long time, and now part of my daily workflow – the keyboard shortcuts really work for throwing things around the screen. I highly recommend it to you. I’ve tried Moom, but found it was nowhere near the quality of SizeUp. SizeUp works for more applications and software including Microsoft apps (notoriously bad for window munging).



5 responses to “Mac OSX Lion – Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse – or both”

  1. I’ve used my mouse left handed for the past 15 years, and I use my track pad lefty as well. Most lefties don’t even use it left handed. It always drives people bonkers when they go to use my computer.

  2. I’ve found that SizeUp doesn’t work with Lion. Specifically, moving windows between Spaces appears to be broken. Did you have to do anything to get it working?

    • Download the latest version – released today – and you will find many improvements, plus it fixes the move between spaces problem.

      • Indeed, just found that. What new stuff is in there? I noticed something about X11 windows, but nothing else jumped out as particularly useful…