Monmouth – English Village

Had a day out with the family to Monmouth. To be fair, there is nothing specifically interesting about it. I took some photos that attempt to capture the mundane things that I see around me every day. I’m always surprised by these things.


In one of the many second-hand / charity shops: nothing says “1980” like a jester doll and brand new VHS tape, still in the wrapping.

This is a typical English pub, complete with yobs standing at the door having a cigarette (not allowed to smoke indoors anymore).


This pub doesn’t look like much but it’s been there a long time.


These two photos are the ambitiously named “Savoy Theatr”. It host various artists as well as cinema.


In this image, I like the dichomtomy between the much older church, and the newer buildings, that contain even newer shops.

2 responses to “Monmouth – English Village”

  1. Quick question: I see Welsh on the Inn wall plaque. Do they do this (put two lang. on signage) in England now or is this in Wales..?

    • Sorry, but yes it's in Wales. Kind of forgot that there is a difference. As an outsider, I mostly don't notice the difference until a I am a long way over the border.