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Nokia Healthmate (aka Withings) is crap

Dear Nokia Healthmate

This is a very negative review of Nokia Healthmate.

Having attempted to use the post-withings version of the Health Mate app I’m close to giving up. My main complaint is that user interface is unspeakably bad. I can’t see my charts, the screen keeps resizing them. The entire user interface is a disaster, I can’t comprehend the logic behind your decision and keep flicking between screens looking for my information. It feels like ads keep popping up on my screen instead of useful information.

I’d like to meet the idiot that decided to use whitespace as a “design fetish” instead of treasuring one-glance information. The touch id integration is wrong somehow, I can’t reliably get into the app.

My scales still haven’t managed 5 PWV readings since I’ve owned it (nearly a year now).

I gave up on the Go wearable I purchased as a test since it never worked from purchase. It wouldn’t sync reliably and tech support maintained I was doing something wrong. Because of this I did not purchase a Steel and went for an Apple watch instead. I cannot trust Healthmate to get it right.

Can It Be Fixed ?

I want to see the original Withings app return with simple, direct and obvious workflow. Since this is highly unlikely and I doubt that you will listen I guess its just a matter of time until I sell my hardware second hand on eBay and move on to something else.

It’s not just me either, a quick check of the the reviews on the IOS App Store confirm that isn’t just me. Hundreds of one star reviews.

You messed this up so bad.


  1. David Mahony says:

    Everything was fine until Nokia came along and changed the App. What a disaster! Too bad becuse I love my Withings scale. Problem is, I cannot live with this very bad App and so I guess it is time to move on. Nokia is in self destruct mode just like it was with their mobile phones. Time to ban their products as they do not seem to be listening to the public outcry. Bring back Withings!