OmniGraffle Performance Problem OSX Lion – Slow Downs, Pauses

Since installing OSX Lion I’ve found that OmniGraffle has been, well, pausing from time to time. Which is odd, since it always used to run quite quickly. After some fiddling around and then an email to the Omni Group support, they pointed this out:

Omnigraffle performance lion 1

Apparently the QuickLook Preview is generated every time that file is saved. Lion constantly saves the file as part of its automatic save function (you don’t need to save files that are correctly using Apple APIs for document save, it saves automatically) and this means that OmniGraffle is constantly updating it’s QuickLook image. For large files, this takes a fair amount of time.

Which correlates with my experience, small files didn’t have a problem but bigger files did.


  1. Thank you tremendously for this tip. I’m often working on large wireframe sets and the lag has been a constant pain point since the Lion upgrade.

    • I know your pain. I just installed an SSD drive, OmniGraffle goes even faster now.

      Thanks for your comment, nice to know it has helped someone.

  2. Thanks so much. I was on the way to throw my mouse into the screen.

  3. wow, thanks for the tips, such a pain reliever!

  4. This was like an early christmas present. THANK YOU!…it was driving me crazy.

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