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Video: ChongQing as Bladerunner City

This video shows ChongQing, China as a Cyberpunk city in the style of the latest Bladerunnner movie. Its kinda eerie to see the similarities. … [Read more]

Dido – Still on My Mind

Dido has a new album and its perfect for working on a Sunday morning. Atmospheric and haunting. Also, I little bit comforting because it reminds me of the days when I first heard her music. Its been a long time since I listened to a new album … [Read more]

Video: Rapunzel

Wicked twisted on the Rapunzel story. … [Read more]

Wired Phones Made Us Free

[Read more]

Deleted Instagram

Couple of things.  I started using Instagram as space to share personal photos of what I am doing. When I started, the app was fun, delightful even and I kind of sharing images and photos of a personal nature but not on … [Read more]

London November 2018

3 days in London. A photo journal Lets start with cronut, you know those fancy food things that you have to book. Staying in Camden Town And the tube station is rather pretty because its tiled. Most tube stations are dreary and time for … [Read more]

Why 17th century women thought coffee was subversive, dangerous – and made men impotent –

Loved this article about coffee in the 17th century being blamed for male impotence (but most likely because coffee houses were fronts for brothels) The ‘Maiden’s Complaint’ claims the “Devil first invented this liquor, on purpose to plague our … [Read more]

Video V8 engine using solenoids … [Read more]


Some photos of my time so far in Lisbon, Portugal. No particular theme or message - mostly its about learning photography.  This street view is dramatic.  I'm staying in a central part of Lisbon but the harbour is close by.  View … [Read more]

Compare Physical Size of Australia to USA

Many people I meet do not understand that the Australian continent is roughly the same physical size as a mainland USA. The Mapfrappe website uses Google Maps to show exactly this: FWIW, my home town (Brisbane, Queensland) is roughly the size of … [Read more]