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Video: Gargoyles – YouTube

Good for a break on a Friday afternoon - nicely done. Link: - … [Read more]

Tanzania orders all unregistered bloggers to take down their sites | Reuters

Do I take my freedom for granted ? Tanzania ordered all unregistered bloggers and online forums on Monday to suspend their websites immediately or face criminal prosecution, as critics accuse the government of tightening control of internet … [Read more]

Video: Stop complaining about Back to School Shopping

Stop complaining about Back to School Shopping - YouTube … [Read more]

Video: Anti-Social … [Read more]

Netflix competes with Sleep

As Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explained during the company’s Q1 earnings call in 2017, “You know, think about it, when you watch a show from Netflix and you get addicted to it, you stay up late at night […] we’re competing with sleep, on the margin.” … [Read more]

Rainmaker Digital Platform Is a Failure.

The Rainmaker Platform is failing and they are doing nothing about it. I do not recommend My New Rainmaker. I'm trapped and I can't get out. Here is my negative review. I’ve been a customer of the Studiopress group for many years now. I was … [Read more]

Video: Improvise a PowerPoint Presentation

As as good as any motivational speaker … [Read more]

BP Forecast: Shared, Autonomous EVs Will Help Drive to Peak Oil Before 2040 | Greentech Media

When a company like BP predicts peak oil in the near (-ish) future, you know that its real. I liked the balanced views in the this piece that point out the transition will take some time: BP's latest Energy Outlook sees peak oil on the horizon for … [Read more]

Blogging isn’t about numbers

I'm often asked how to blog but the real question is WHY you blog. How you do it is a very personal, intimate experience on deciding content that is worth sharing. If I can reach a handful of people that is enough because at least I've shared my … [Read more]

Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

The 61% ownership of Facebook by Zuckerburg is a problem. In my mind, he has poor personal qualities to be a leader. He repeatedly stole ownership of the business from co-founders, he has limited emotional capability and I'm reasonably sure that he … [Read more]