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Pictorial Guide to disabling Diginotar CA in MAC OSX

The company that runs the Diginotar CA was breached sometime in the last 3 months. The company that runs Diginator CA has not yet admitted to the breach even when presented with clear breach evidence. Google has acted to block all Diginotar … [Read more]

BBEdit can use Markdown by Default

When you first install BBEdit, any new file will set to "none" for language - that is, Perl, PHP, AppleScript are recognised by the first line automatically, but a blank text file will still be "none". Since I use Markdown for text most of the time, … [Read more]

OmniGraffle – Flipping an Object

When working in OmniGraffle, you need create non-symmetrical objects and then use them again. For example: And you need to flip the shape to use it on the other side. The shape can't be rotated (using CMD-Mouse and drag) to make this happen, it … [Read more]

Apple OSX Dictionary to Proper British English (Oxford / OED )

The system Dictionary in Mac OSX defaults to American English - which isn't very useful if you are British, European or Asian ( India and throughout the middle and far east) since they mostly use British English. So I did a little digging and … [Read more]

Microsoft Word for Mac Annoyance # 2041

The sidebar for a given document is constantly corrupted when switching views. I loathe Microsoft Office 2011. It just doesn't work well at all. I'm still restarting it every four hours, I have a timer on my desktop to remind me. … [Read more]

Dropbox – new client version

Dropbox doesn't update automatically. You have to go and check manually. The current version is 1.1.40 and was updated this feel. If you haven't signed up for Dropbox, it's a must have for Mac Users. You can sync most IOS programs with your MAC … [Read more]

Set Youtube for Slow Connection or 360p playback on low speed Internet connections.

My Internet Connection at home is relatively slow, less than 1Megabit/second down and shared between the family. And I'm often using a 3G modem because I travel a lot. Thus I rarely look at YouTube because it takes too long to load. One time while … [Read more]

OSX Lion: Disable the Character Picker

Disable the character picket that appeared in OSX Lion (which is basically the same as iOS on the iPhone / iPad) When you press and hold a character, it doesn't repeat. Instead the pop menu appears. You can disable this in the … [Read more]

Schoolboy Memories – Casio FX100

Saw this photo and was instantly transported to high school Maths class. At the start of the Senior school, I wondered what all those buttons and functions were for and couldn't wait to find out. Twenty years later, I can't remember what they are … [Read more]

LinkedIn – Using Your Name to Endorse Their Advertisements

LinkedIn is pulling a Facebook on privacy. Here's how it works, when you follow or like a company on LinkedIn, they will use your name and image to endorse advertisements that place for that company. To wit: When LinkedIn members recommend people … [Read more]