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Change Management is Reward Aversion

When you train your employees to be risk averse, then you're preparing your whole company to be reward challenged - Morgan Spurlock - The Greatest TED talk ever SOLD … [Read more]

Wasting Dreams

Sometimes I wonder if the energy spent on chasing dreams should be wasted by sitting in front of the TV. … [Read more]

Hugs Go here

[Read more]

Old Friend writes me…..

Got an email from an old friend today: I decided to tone it down and have moved to the country.. not quite semi rural style... 40 acres about 200 kilometres from town.. and growing own veggies etc.. After staring at screens for 30 years, thought it … [Read more]

OSX Productivity Tips – Markdown, Launchbar, TextExpander Video Tutorial

I use these tools and the same textexpander snippets. [vimeo 21877731 w=400 h=250]Writing Markdown using LaunchBar and TextExpander from Eddie Smith on Vimeo. … [Read more]


This 5 SciFi minute film was conceived, written, shot, scored and edited in only 48 hours. Loved It.   PRECISION from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo. … [Read more]

The difference between training and professional development

Accountant: "What happens if we invest in developing our people & they leave?" Leader: 'What happens if we don't invest in our people and they stay?" … [Read more]

Spelling virtualisation as v12n

Created a Textexpander shortcut: v12n -> virtualisation. Because my fingers are sorry little stubs from getting the spelling wrong all the time. And it's correctly spelled "virtualisation". … [Read more]

SizeUp – still rocking my keyboard 2 years later

With SizeUp I can drive the window size and placement on OSX completely by keyboard. Still astonished by this 2 years after I bought the software. I wrote a long review about it OSX:Sizeup Review if you are interested. … [Read more]

Burning Bandwidth

So yeah, I like to clip my phone to dashboard of my car when I'm driving and put Google Maps on the screen. Not because I use Google Maps (because it's just not that great compared to a SatNav in the car) , but just to use up bandwidth on my account … [Read more]