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CCIE – perspective

[youtube=] … [Read more]

Design Motto

Design is the art of going from the whole to the part … [Read more]

Turbo Encabulator

Turbo Encabulator [youtube=]   Found via @matthewnorwood … [Read more]

On Choosing Blog Software

When I set out to write for the web, it took me a long time (read: couple of years) to decide how to present my writing. I'm going to be putting my name to it, and identifying myself by it's very nature. So one criteria was to present my content in a … [Read more]

Shopping in London Dec 2010

I went shopping with the family in London. We went through a part of Selfridges that I've never seen before which has some unusual items. Check out this book: … [Read more]


My professional website that covers Networking Technology and the Industry is … [Read more]