Review Movie “The Rum Diary”

Went to see the movie “The Rum Diary” on a whim today, because it was on at the right time, and had a couple of hours to wait for the children after school.

The whole point of the movie appears to have been a celebration of drinking, drinking to excess, adopting a drug addict lifestyle and living in poverty while being jealous of the rich. That’s all I got out of it.

Oh, and the “struggling writer” appears to have been inspired to tell some version of truth about the “bastards”. That’s important because the “struggling writer” needed to have some sort of redemptive quality, he sure wasn’t much of a character.

Nice pictures though. Storyline was a mess — couldn’t follow the plot. The girlie character was treat to look act. The implied rape scene wasn’t necessary.

In the final credits, the movie appears to have been related to “Hunter S. Thomson” who was, of course, a journalist who took drugs, was an alcoholic and somewhat psychotic.

My question: Why are we celebrating this type of loser ? Celebrate what he did maybe but not how he lived his life.

There is no value to yourself, or the society in which you live, in being drug addict. I like a drink and the odd bender, but not celebrating indulgence and excess.

Not recommended.

2 responses to “Review Movie “The Rum Diary””

  1. It’s a prequel for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. It’s a some kind of “how gonzo started” regarding to Thompson’s biography. But  yes, the movie is not really good, and too naive.

  2. Hunter S. Thompson is = to Charles Bukowski without the flashes of insight. They both self-medicated to avoid dealing with their existential crises (reference: Thompson’s suicide), but Bukowski seemed to be able to transcend his dissatisfaction with the conditioned realm through his writing. Thompson just seemed to slide deeper into despair.