Stupid Design in Microsoft Word loses Six Hours of Work

Stupid, crap idiocy from Microsoft in their products yet again.

I know that the Microsoft products are not reliable, not to be trusted and their software WILL crash. So the first thing I configured was the AutoRecover interval so as not to lose much data when it happens.

Ms word autorecover 2

However, until to you configure an autorecovery directory. It doesn’t work.

Ms word autorecover 1

So, thanks Microsoft you bunch of loser turds. A little forethought and care would suggest that you popup a menu or notice to tell someone that AutoRecover has to be set. But, no, you couldn’t give a toss about customers. Screw em.

So I lost four, maybe six hours works, after diligently configuring my insurance against your crappy software. And you still manage to make my life a misery. This is the first major data loss due to software crash in nine months because of poor programming and design in your faulty products.

I hate Microsoft Office, its slow, it ugly, it’s hard to use and now another reminder of why I hate it so much. It’s not reliable or trustworthy.

3 responses to “Stupid Design in Microsoft Word loses Six Hours of Work”

  1. I agree! they’re going backwards! can’t say enough about how stupid and useless office 2010 is.

  2. Microsoft  Office 2010… stupid, stupid. I hate all the stupid changes – from bad to worse… 

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!!   Those stupid Microsoft people who came up with the design and approved the design should all be tortured.  How could they put all that crap out (change everything for the sake of changing things…) and make all users suffer from their stupid/useless…design!!!