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I Beat Cancer at 19 But I’m Still Fighting To Be Healthy

I beat cancer when I was nineteen. Thirty years later I still have legacy health issues. But, hey, I’m not dead.

5 Job Interview Tactics With Startups That Piss Me Off

Working for a startup looks exciting and enticing. Interviewing for a startup job  is hugely annoying. Let me run through a list of “piss me off” things. Multiple Interviews: I’m willing to have a couple of telephone interviews and maybe two face to face interviews. The current Silicon Valley method of ten interviews with lunch and dinner […]

Ode to Melancholy

Seems a fitting poem for Boxing Day as the day after Christmas Day. Now that the orgiastic feast of food, gifting and family is done, it’s time to feel a little let down. In this poem, Keats celebrates melancholy and the periods when you energy flags, your soul rests and your mind is looking for […]

The CEO is only temporary

The CEO is only temporary. Your wife and family will still be there when you change jobs. And, likely, the boss will leave/move before you can accrue brownie points. Remember that when working late and add that to the balance decision you make. Your career is a marathon, a constant pace is better than a […]

Like a Rock

Sitting at my desk with tears welling up in my eyes. A very old song echoing down the hallways of memory from my youth has just hit the iTunes DJ. Ahhhh, sadness, whimsy and golden-hued reminiscence. I can clearly remember howling this at full voice as I drove down the highway and swore out loud […]