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  • Amazon.com Review “I swear my sphincters were screaming”

    One of the funniest reviews on Amazon I’ve ever send. BUT (or should I say BUTT), not long after eating about 20 of these all hell broke loose. I had a gastrointestinal experience like nothing I’ve ever imagined. Cramps, sweating, bloating beyond my worst nightmare. I’ve had food poisoning from some bad shellfish and that […]

  • Spherical Chickens in a Vacuum

    Spherical Chickens in a Vacuum

    NERD JOKE!!   There is this farmer who is having problems with his chickens. All of the sudden, they are all getting very sick and he doesn’t know what is wrong with them. After trying all conventional means, he calls a biologist, a chemist, and a physicist to see if they can figure out what […]