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  • Fox Tossing

    Fox Tossing

    From Wikipedia : Fox Tossing Ummm, OK. Fox tossing (German: Fuchsprellen) was a popular competitive blood sport in parts of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, which involved throwing live foxes and other animals high into the air. It was practiced by members of the aristocracy in an enclosed patch of ground or in […]

  • London Toilets

    If you move around London, they have these pay toilets around the place. I’m not too sure of their history, but for ten pence you pop inside and have a few moments to yourself. Once you are done, they clean themselves and are ready for use by the next person. They may not be the […]

  • Schoolboy Memories – Casio FX100

    Schoolboy Memories – Casio FX100

    Saw this photo and was instantly transported to high school Maths class. At the start of the Senior school, I wondered what all those buttons and functions were for and couldn’t wait to find out. Twenty years later, I can’t remember what they are for but I figure I could read about them and work […]

  • Is Technology and IT a Cult ?

    Is Technology and IT a Cult ?

    Imagine that tomorrow you walked away from IT. Let’s say you quit you current job, ditched all your technology to become a water skiing instructor on a remote Caribbean island with no electricity and no phones. Would that be the same feeling as leaving a Cult ? They say that cult members have been “brainwashed” […]