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  • Epic Music While Working

    Epic Music While Working

    Been enjoying these music mixes on the youtubes. I’ve been on a binge for Epic Music for the last 10 day or so and finding that this music fits my current mood ……

  • ▶ Gemini – Fire Inside (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) – YouTube

    ▶ Gemini – Fire Inside (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) – YouTube

    Getting some flow with this music this morning. Chillstep with a kicking bass and vocals that float over the top. Perfect background.

  • Listening: Warm and Bright Spirit

    I often listen to Yuuoz when working.  I want to introduce his music to you. The misc is perfect backdrop to concentrating in the office. Sort of a chill, slow beat, chant-like ambient feel that helps me pass the hours filled with ITIL-compliant drudgery and beat the PRINCE2 blues. I hope you enjoy it too. […]

  • Review:RHA Earphones and Comply Isolation Earphone Tips

    Recently I found that my much-loved earphones ( Sony MDR-EX90LP ) had an unplanned overnight soaking in cup of coffee (the details still bring tears to my eyes) and I’ve been looking for replacement. As I said on Twitter I looked the receipts and was much surprised to find that I purchased them in January […]