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Dropbox – Mountain Lion Compatibility

Retina Ready and Mountain Lion support for Dropbox in the beta build (experimental) Dropbox version. (7/23) – Experimental Build – 1.5.10 – Mountain Lion Support! « Dropbox Forums. Hat tip: Mac Drifter

Noted OSX:Turning Off Ads in Parallels

Parallels, a division of Citrix, on Mac OSX is my preferred choice for Windows emulation. I’ve tried VMware Fusion but found it slower, less reliable and kind of flaky. HOWEVER, Parallels shoves ads which is REALLY annoying in a paid for product that costs USD$80. I’ve seriously considered ditching the product for this alone – […]

Apple MacBook Pro Retina – Personal Review

This review will focus on my personal experiences of using the MacBook Pro Retina ( MBPr) since I received it a few weeks back. I talked about my decision making process previously. Overall, I’m well pleased with the system. Despite some minor problems with the graphics card and occasional reboots, I would highly recommend the […]

Moom – Snap to Edges Feature

Wherever possible, I try to use a keyboard to control my computer. I’m opted to lifting my hands off the keyboard and using the mouse or trackpad because it’s slows me down and breaks my concentration (I’m easily distracted). In the past I’ve written about using OSX: Sizeup – Screen Layout Using the Keyboard and […]

OSX: Sizeup – Screen Layout Using the Keyboard

OSX: Monolingual, Saving Space on OSX Lion

I’ve been using Monolingual for a long time to save space on my machine but I haven’t tried to use it on OSX Lion since I’ve always had plenty of space. Now that I’m moving to a 512GB SSD ( I’m going to be short on space with my Retina MBP) I need to be […]

OSX:System Preferences Drop Down Menu

Discovered a neat shortcut in System Preferences. Click and hold the Show All button and this drop down menu will appear. This is useful because I’m often moving between Preferences and this shortens the time I take to do that.

OSX: Launchbar Tip: Clipboard History has Quicklook support

I use Launchbar to maintain my Clipboard history with 30 items in the buffer. I’ve been using this for at least a couple of years and it’s a staggeringly productive feature. With a single keystroke, I can see the contents of the last 30 copy/paste actions, use the arrows to move between them and then […]

OSX: SmartSleep

Quick review of one of my favourite system tool for the Mac.

OSX: Dropbox and Bandwidth Management

Quick article about managing upload bandwidth used by Dropbox