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OSX:Awaken and TimeBoxed Time App Reviews

You might think that OSX would have a decent clock application but it’s does not. Recently, I’ve started using the Pomodoro technique of timing my concentration bursts on a specific topic. Partly to retrain my habit of constant attention shifting and partly to find a smarter way of working. I have two apps on my […]

Sparrow Email Client

For various reasons, I use three different email clients. OSX Mail is the native program, Postbox for more enhanced functions, and Sparrow for when I’m monitoring email but not really processing it. That is, most email I simply delete immediately. The rest I will look at later with my OmniFocus to do list at the […]

OmniGraffle Performance Problem OSX Lion – Slow Downs, Pauses

Since installing OSX Lion I’ve found that OmniGraffle has been, well, pausing from time to time. Which is odd, since it always used to run quite quickly. After some fiddling around and then an email to the Omni Group support, they pointed this out: Apparently the QuickLook Preview is generated every time that file is […]

OmniGraffle – Inspector Setup and Tips

This is a set of tips that show how I work with OmniGraffle and get the layout of the Inspector to be the way that I want it. You should note that I’m not a big fan of floating inspector windows (or frames or whatever Apple calls them ), I like my menus and status […]

OmniGraffle Tip – Duplicating Shape Properties 1

OmniGraffle continues to impress me by finding new functionality and ways of doing clever things. This tip looks at transferring shape properties from one shape to the other. First, head into the **Customise Toolbar* and copy this piece of toolbar from the menu to the toolbar as shown.   Select the shape that you want […]

OmniGraffle and Multi Touch gestures

In OmniGraffle 5.3 update that was released July 19, 2011 , the multi-touch settings have been disabled even though they were working previously. From the release notes: * Multi-Touch gestures for trackpad and other input devices are now disabled by default. You can change the setting back to enable multitouch gestures in the preferences:

Apple OSX Dictionary to Proper British English (Oxford / OED )

The system Dictionary in Mac OSX defaults to American English – which isn’t very useful if you are British, European or Asian ( India and throughout the middle and far east) since they mostly use British English. So I did a little digging and realised, as always, that there are options in the dictionary program. […]

OSX Lion: Disable the Character Picker

Disable the character picket that appeared in OSX Lion (which is basically the same as iOS on the iPhone / iPad) When you press and hold a character, it doesn’t repeat. Instead the pop menu appears. You can disable this in the terminal. defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false And reverse the choice with defaults […]

Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 10 is here!

Best all purpose, heavy lifting, munging, all singing, kitchen sink, regex’ing, funky features, HTML, FTP/SFTP browsing, CVS/Subversioning, multi file opening text editor for OS X. And now it’s forty bucks. That’s very good people. Very good. Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 10 is here!

OSX: Padlock – Lock your Mac Screen

Padlock allows you create a shortcut key to lock your screen. Something I’ve always needed. USD$3 or GBP£.159. Shame it isn’t in OSX by default, but this works.