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  • Endurance


    Endurance. Sustained effort no matter what happens..  Patience, persistence, failure, success – no matter what happens you just keep going. Aspects of enduring effort. Motivation, winning & success are transient ephemeral moments of commitment. Endurance is timeless success. It is everyday execution & just simply showing up to win.  

  • Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson – TED

    Ken Robinson talks about ways to adapt modern education to move from an industrial, “one size fits all” education that forces conformity and convention to an “organic” system that creates an environment for the student to flourish and grow in their own way – like a farmer creates the conditions for crops to grow but […]

  • Cisco Flip – killed by Enterprise Customers hating on it.

    I think the Flip was killed because Enterprise customers turned away from Cisco. People like me openly laughed and denigrated Cisco for “playing with toys” instead producing better products. And that cost more money, way more money, in lost sales at 65% gross profit margin than any consumer/retail product will make. When you drop a […]

  • Change Management is Reward Aversion

    Change Management is Reward Aversion

    When you train your employees to be risk averse, then you’re preparing your whole company to be reward challenged – Morgan Spurlock – The Greatest TED talk ever SOLD