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  • Review of Audry for Podcasters

    I’ve looked into ‘Audry for Podcasters’ which, from my view, is an lame attempt to aggregate a bunch of low value podcasts whose operators that are incompetent at making their own connections and business. Why ? So you can to exploit them by spaffing low quality, high volume ads onto their shows while arbitraging the […]

  • Podcasts are back — and making money – The Washington Post

    I’m biased by involvement with (Packet Pushers but I can confirm this article is correct from my side. Podcasts are popular and well supported. Maybe it’s the intimacy of hearing soothing voices piped into your ears through a pair of headphones — or maybe it’s just how much time people need to kill listening to […]

  • Response: The Internet Killed the Traditional Marketer & New Influencers

    Response: The Internet Killed the Traditional Marketer & New Influencers

    I’m not a big fan of what passes for marketing as perpetrated by incumbent technology companies. It’s tone deaf & consistently irrelevant to me. Many others have shared similar opinions. As a “new media influencer” (I just made that up. Yes, I hate myself) I have a few points to make following a blog post from Lisa Caywood highlighting that gap between mass broadcast and point publishing (i.e. blogs, podcasts, SoMe).

  • Fear of missing out & Social Media

    Fear of missing out & Social Media

    I am over new social media. And quitting most of the ones I already have. In the last two weeks I’ve literally cancelled dozens of useless social services (and finding out that most simply do not exist anymore).  At first I was worried that I was missing out, or that this service would be better, […]