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iTunes 11.1 and Genius Shortcut

In iTunes 11.1, I noticed that if I press the ⌥ / Alt / Option key then the back button on iTunes becomes a Genius shortcut. I use Genius a lot so I think that’s cool.   The Genius icon will stay in place until you Pause / Play. Nice way of reminding you that you […]

Mac OS X: Eject to Flash

One of my favourite apps to avoid using is Adobe Flash. There are large security, performance and battery life benefits. I do not have flash installed on my OS X and used When I must have Flash, I use Google Chrome because a Flash Player is built into it. But switching to Chrome can be made […]

Mac OSX Keyboard Tip – Find or Search Within Application

Most Apps have a search box that lets you search within the app. The obvious thing is ⌘-F and the text search box opens, like this: Only, problem is that I really want to get to the Application Search bar that searches for words within the entire applciation.   Then I noticed that ⌥ – ⌘ – […]

OSX: Monolingual, Saving Space on OSX Lion

I’ve been using Monolingual for a long time to save space on my machine but I haven’t tried to use it on OSX Lion since I’ve always had plenty of space. Now that I’m moving to a 512GB SSD ( I’m going to be short on space with my Retina MBP) I need to be […]