Tag: Tude

  • Virgin Atlantic – New Seats So Close I Can’t Work

    Virgin Atlantic flights have new seats. They are so close together that I couldn’t do any work.

  • Review Movie “The Rum Diary”

    Went to see the movie “The Rum Diary” on a whim today, because it was on at the right time, and had a couple of hours to wait for the children after school. The whole point of the movie appears to have been a celebration of drinking, drinking to excess, adopting a drug addict lifestyle […]

  • The Power of Doubt

    I’m always impressed by Doubt. For me, it’s that little voice that says “you’d better check that”, “I wonder if something has changed”, “is there a new feature”, “does that feature exist” I’ve realised that it might be a networking super power. Doubt for Good Doubt makes me review. Doubt makes me check that my […]

  • Morally Correct

    Is it morally correct for carriers to oversubscribe bandwidth they sell you ? In fact, is it morally correct to rent you a service that can’t be guaranteed ? Bitter thought of the day.