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Video: Dancing Shoulders

Where “Dancing Shoulders” really means “shake my boobs on video” Genius that modern video tools can produce quality self-produced content like this. Look how far we have come.

Video: ATROPA — Sci-fi Short

I want to see this movie made. The short is brilliant. ATROPA — Sci-fi Short from Eli Sasich on Vimeo.

Video: Internet Machine

This trailer for data centres is truly beautiful video. I hope to see it online one day but until then this is best way to show wives, girlfriends, moms and dads the inside of the data centre.

Video: China Pop Chicken

Earwig for your Monday morning. I will be imagining that you are all singing along by the second or third chorus.

Video: PLUG – SciFi Short Film

15 minute Sci-Fi short film. I was totally into it before the time ran out. Want more.

Video: James Mickens on Javascript.

I’ve linked to James Mickens before here is another one: This time its Javascript. It’s been known for years that JavaScript is a dangerous, unholy language that is banned in 27 countries and most fine restaurants. In this talk, I will use deeply personal and completely biased examples to describe why I hate JavaScript. I […]

Video: Thunderstruck – Folk Style

An acoustic version of AC/DC Thunderstruck with banjos, spoons, accordion and an anvil.

Video: Jonathan Ive Shares Three Lessons He Learned from Steve Jobs

Inspiring. “Steve [Jobs] was the most remarkably focused person I ever met in my life,” Apple’s senior vice president of design Jonathan Ive told Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter during the closing event of Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. Source:

Video: Emma Watson Inspires In This Speech

Emma Watson gives an impassioned speech for men to join women in equal rights for everyone at the UN. Make women equal to men. Simply beautiful and genuine speech that is really touching. Standing ovation at the end.

Video: Turbo Encabulator

Yes, please, its a Cisco UCS Server and EMC VMAX rolled into a single product – The Turbo Encabulator. Thanks to @packetsar for the reminder.