Thats A Good Question

“Thats a good question”

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you that the question you just asked, is a “good question” ?

I mean, really, its time to move on from the 1980’s mantra of the making the customer feel good by telling the customer that they are good.

In an era where the Internet has generated cyncism and mistrust, you don’t want to appear condescending or patronising. Don’t tell me that I ask good questions, because my questions are all good questions. Or I wouldn’t be asking them.

I hate being patronised. And that what it is.

One response to “Thats A Good Question”

  1. Depends on the conversation type. Anything real-time “That’s a good question”, is just just a polite way of sayong “Oh shit, I’m going to have to think about that, give me a minute*. Anything none real-time, I’m all with you.

    Having kids who haven’t learnt to do this yet is infuriating. You can’t tell if they have just not heard you, or if they are thinking up their answer. It drives me potty.