How to Use iTunes DJ in iTunes 11

I use the “iTunes DJ” feature in the side bar of iTunes for many years. The new iTunes 11 doesn’t have it.

However, all is not lost. The feature is still there, it’s just not a separate items. Here is my four step method to use the new feature that replaces iTunes DJ.

  1. Just press play to start the music.
  2. Press the Shuffle  icon (shown in the picture) which will randomly select songs.
  3. You can then press the Playlist icon shown in Step 3. ( or you can press ⌘- ⌥ – U on a Mac )
  4. And the playlist will show the songs all mixed up.


8 responses to “How to Use iTunes DJ in iTunes 11”

  1. That’s just shuffle. Shuffle isn’t even remotely close to what iTunes DJ does. I went back to 10.7 and won’t be moving from there unless the feature gets put back in. It’s basically the only way I listen to music at home, and I’m not changing that. I didn’t spend countless hours rating every single song I own in order to get good iTunes DJ behaviour simply to abandon iTunes DJ now. Why it was removed is beyond me. Pretty stupid decision by whoever is in charge of the iTunes app.

    • Simply installed from the old installer at oldapps dot com slash itunes dot php. Your 10.7 library file will still be on your computer. It’s in the ‘my musicitunesprevious itunes libraries’ folder.

  2. Everyone should leave feedback @ about this. Hopefully they’ll add it back in.