Video: Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

The challenges of younger people in the modern era are not the same as those I had. Simon Sinek has research this and summarise the impact of modern technology and societal norms are having on millennials.

Not unexpected, not shocking but sad nonetheless.

4 responses to “Video: Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace”

  1. I retired in 2015. In September of 2016, I started a part time job in a grocery store. What I notice during breaks in the break room, the young people sit off by themselves engrossed in their cell phones. The older workers are sitting around a table chatting away. I feel sorry for the young people who don’t realize what they are missing in life.

    • The other side is that communicating with older people can be difficult, challenging. Often the older people are senior or have some authority and a mistake could be a threat to their jobs.

      Unsurprisingly, both sides need to reach out and find common ground. It was always so.

      • I loved this video Simon Sinek, thank you. Am extremely grateful that my daughter who is know 22 does not let her phone rule her life in the slightest. My son, who is 14 refuses to have one! And still enjoys playing outside on the farm. His friends, although they love visiting him are not in the same boat and get bored rather quickly… he never judges them and they don’t judge him either. Their parents are however rather envious, comments like, ‘you are so lucky’ and ‘all our arguments in our home is over the cell phones’. I think I love my geeky kids!!!!

  2. I loved the video and I really get it, but what about those people who do need to take their phones to restaurants and who do need to sleep with it next to their bed. What if you are a medical professional on call 24/7?