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Mac OSX Workflows - Podcast

Listening someone else talk about the same productivity tools that I use on my Mac is weird, strangely weird in a good way. I’ve put together a bunch of tools into my own workflow but it turns out that it’s the same as other people. That’s a bit crushing BUT, I learned heaps from listening to this podcast at Mac Power Users where Merlin Mann talks about using Markdown, iThoughtsHD on the iPad and OPML format to create document outlines and then to import those to Scrivener for writing.

The key to this workflow is where you outline something that you need to work on. For myself, this means identifying each area / chunk / section of what I want to write, sort of like a powerpoint outline.

Then use a writing environment that optimises the writing for working in PIECES. That is, you don’t write a document as a single thing, it’s actually made of sections or chunks and concentrating on writing each piece is what Scrivener helps you to deliver. At the same time, you can select the entire document and review the whole of the writing at any time. It’s an awesome workflow that’s helps me to focus the research and the writing process.

Anyway, go and listen to this podcast episode and find out how some people optimise their creation process. I highly recommend it.