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Stupid Design in Microsoft Word loses Six Hours of Work

Stupid, crap idiocy from Microsoft in their products yet again.

I know that the Microsoft products are not reliable, not to be trusted and their software WILL crash. So the first thing I configured was the AutoRecover interval so as not to lose much data when it happens.

Ms word autorecover 2

However, until to you configure an autorecovery directory. It doesn’t work.

Ms word autorecover 1

So, thanks Microsoft you bunch of loser turds. A little forethought and care would suggest that you popup a menu or notice to tell someone that AutoRecover has to be set. But, no, you couldn’t give a toss about customers. Screw em.

So I lost four, maybe six hours works, after diligently configuring my insurance against your crappy software. And you still manage to make my life a misery. This is the first major data loss due to software crash in nine months because of poor programming and design in your faulty products.

I hate Microsoft Office, its slow, it ugly, it’s hard to use and now another reminder of why I hate it so much. It’s not reliable or trustworthy.