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The Power of Doubt

I'm always impressed by Doubt. For me, it's that little voice that says "you'd better check that", "I wonder if something has changed", "is there a new feature", "does that feature exist"

I've realised that it might be a networking super power.

Doubt for Good

  • Doubt makes me review.
  • Doubt makes me check that my assumptions are correct.
  • Doubt ensures that I am more often right.
  • Doubt keeps me humble.
  • Doubt keeps me reviewing technology and operational data.

Doubt of Improvement

But Doubt has some interesting side effects.

  • Reviewing makes me relearn, even when I don't want.
  • Reviewing help me memorise.
  • Research shows me new things.
  • Checking unearths changes and new features.

Doubt as Evil

Doubt also has a negative side.

  • Too much doubt causes paralysis.
  • Questioning and uncertainty can lead to fear of change or fear of the unknown.
  • Review and research can waste time on topics and problems where the solutions are already know.