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OmniGraffle Tip - Duplicating Shape Properties 1

OmniGraffle continues to impress me by finding new functionality and ways of doing clever things. This tip looks at transferring shape properties from one shape to the other.

First, head into the *Customise Toolbar and copy this piece of toolbar from the menu to the toolbar as shown.


Select the shape that you want to copy from and you will see the toolbar shows different settings. Omnigraffle shape properties 2

Now click and drag from the box on the left: Omnigraffle shape properties 3

onto the shape that you want to receive the properties. Omnigraffle shape properties 4

Right, that’s hugely awesome right ? But, what about all those other icons — what do they do ? They are sub-properties for the object eg. Text Format, or Fill, or Line handling

Lets reset the left block to default: Omnigraffle shape properties 5

Now, lets say we just want the text properties to transfer, so I can select the Text icon and drag that: Omnigraffle shape properties 6

onto the block and the text changes!!! Omnigraffle shape properties 7