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Fear of missing out & Social Media

I am over new social media. And quitting most of the ones I already have. In the last two weeks I’ve literally cancelled dozens of useless social services (and finding out that most simply do not exist anymore). 

At first I was worried that I was missing out, or that this service would be better, or do something new. Simple fact is that I dont need anymore “stuff” - I need less interruptions and more focus. I bookmark at Pinboard, I don’t need Pinterest. I have my own blog, I don’t need Facebook. I have Twitter to get questions answered, I don’t need Quora.

I need to focus on my core competencies. Participation isn’t a core competency. Discipline, focus, rigour and research. That’s what matter. s

I’m not afraid of missing out, I’m opting out of having any more. 




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